All-Inclusive Wellness Retreats

Transform your body, cleanse your mind and spirit, Β and connect with nature with all of our all-inclusive wellness retreats.

All retreats are on going, you can arrive any day of the week and stay for 1 or more weeks.


Sugar Detox, Ketogenic Weight Loss Retreat

Starting at:
High Sesaon $2,100 | Low Season: $1,911


Juice Cleanse & Yoga Retreat

Starting at:
High Sesaon $1,995 | Low Season: $1,806


All-Inclusive Yoga Vacation

Starting at:
High Sesaon $1,575 | Low Season: $1,330


Detox, Cleanse & Rebuild 14-night Retreat

Starting at:
High Sesaon $3,990 | Low Season: $3,612


14-NightΒ Rebalancing Retreat

14-Night Retreat Starting at:
High Sesaon $4,200 | Low Season: $3,822


21 Night Body Transformation Weight Loss Retreat

Starting at:
High Sesaon $5,985| Low Season: $5,418


Systems Reset Retreat

Starting at:
High Sesaon $2,205 | Low Season: $2,016


Primal Fitness Retreat

Starting at:
High Sesaon $1,995| Low Season: $1,806


Pilates Retreat

Starting at:
High Sesaon $2,100 | Low Season: $1,911

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and embark on an unforgettable Costa Rican experience!

  • Magical sunset tonight πŸ’— #costarica #puravida #haciendadelsolcr
  • Lunch time πŸ˜‹ Raw almond burgers with cashew cream cheese, fresh pesto on a almond coconut β€œbun”! Our food is so good you won’t believe you are detoxing πŸ€— πŸ“· @kirstenellis ❀️
  • Have you ever noticed that you just feel better when your in nature? 🧐 Well... whether it’s new news to you or not... being in nature, or even viewing scenes of nature has been proven to reduces anger, fear, stress and increases pleasant feelings πŸ‘. Exposure to nature not only makes you feel better emotionally, it actually has been proven to reduce blood pressure, lower heart rate, lower muscle tension, and lower the production of stress hormones. Make an effort to reconnect with nature ❀️ and thank it for the gifts it gives us πŸ™
  • Three generations of love ❀️ has poured into this healing oasis. What a beautiful moment caught in time with founder of HDS - Menlha Bruneau and granddaughter Naomi Gallardo @haciendadelsolcr - Before we know it Naomi will be running the show πŸ˜‚
  • Can you believe all this kale will be pressed for just one juice 😯 during your juice detox with us your body is infused with nourishment because you will be drinking this much kale (mixed with so many other fruits, veggies and other greens) many times throughout the day! We grow our greens πŸƒ right here on our property to ensure they are all organic! Happy juicing Jasmin 😍😘
  • Best gift ever
I wanted to give myself a gift for my birthday. I knew it had to be related to my well-being and to #recharge my batteries to be at my best, I needed a jump-start to a new lifestyle.
Well, this is the best gift I could have given to myself, my stay at Hacienda. Such a blast, such a great experience. I came to nurture my body and #nourish my mind and I got much more than I could have ever expected....
Not only San Juanillo has all the possibly elements to achieve that, that absolutely EVERYONE I met at Hacienda played a big role on reconnecting with myself to a whole new level. I did the Ketogenic and Primal Fitness for two weeks. I couldn't be happier.
The owners, staff and bodywork therapists genuinely care about you, they put love in every detail. Classes with Ramiro were the best, food with Jazmine outstanding and massages with Tabata and Masha beyond excellent.
I absolutely felt at home and enjoyed connecting with the other guests. Some of them are now my forever friends. We totally bonded. I absolutely adore them and can't wait to see them back in New York.
It's been a learning experience in so many ways and I'm still learning. I'm excited for all new great things life has to offer. And this is just the beginning of my journey, I love every minute of it.
Pura Vida Maeee!
TripAdvisor Review October 2018
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