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21-Night Body Transformation Retreat

Over the next 21 nights you will embark on a healing journey like nothing you have ever experianced before.  This retreat is about so much more than losing weight (though you will do that!). In addition to releasing access weight you will enter into an immersive total transformation in diet, exercise, mind and spirit


Week 1: Detox out the old through our signature Juice Cleanse Detox Retreat  

KETOGENIC Weight Loss Retreat Costa Rica

Week 2: Switch your metabolism from carb burning to fat burning and tap into your innate strength

Primal flow yoga 21 night weight loss retreat Costa Rica

Week 3: Melt fat and continue to build strength 

The Experience

The journey begins with an invigorating 7-day juice cleanse that uses green juices to begin the process of ketogenic adaptation (switching your metabolism from using carbs as fuel to using fat as fuel).The second week, you’ll continue your ketogenic adaptation by following our primal ketogenic diet (a more alkalinizing version of a standard ketogenic diet), as well as unbinding your body’s natural mobility and tapping into your innate strength. Then, the third week your metabolism will complete it’s transition from carb burning to fat-burning and you’ll be able to use the regained mobility and strength from week 2 to safely engage in high intensity workouts. These three weeks will not only be the most rejuvenating weeks of your life, you will also leave here having built muscle, melted stored fat, and created lifestyle changes to continue the process when you go back home.

21 Night Package


  • 7 – nights accommodation at Hacienda del Sol (21 night included in total)
  • 7 days of detoxing (this is including your detox meals before and after the juice cleansing)
  • 6 days of cold pressed juices made from superfoods and produce that we grow right on our property. We use a norwalk juicer so that all of the nutrition is intact. You will have highly nutritious juice as well as superfood shakes, and a mineral packed vegetable broth each day. In order to clean out the old rubbish you will be taking 2 psyllium husk purification “shakes” each day.
  • 4 x consultations with one of Hacienda del Sol’s expert facilitators.
  • Daily Colemas during juicing days
  • Detox specific meals before and after the cleanse.
  • One (1) Liver Flush.
  • 12 x Yoga/Movement Classes (Primal Yoga, Reflect & Recharge Yoga, Hatha Yoga)
  • 1 x Guided Hike
  • 1 Cooking Class (learn our tricks and bring them home with you)
  • Daily Sunset Beach Shuttles
  • An assortment of herbal teas to assist in your detox.
  • 14 Nights at our award winning Costa Rica Jungle Retreat (21 Nights are included in total)
  • All Calorie-controlled and nutritionally balanced Sugar Detox cuisine (either Ketogenic or Simple Primal depending on which you choose).
  • All freshly pressed juices (juices are only Simple Primal) including lemon moringa, tumeric shots, aloe vera electrolyte bombs, avocado seaweed potassium and magnesium broths. In order to support your wellness goals we do not to serve alcohol
  • 8 x 60 minute Primal Fitness Training Sessions
  • 8 Coaching meetings to learn and personalise your primal diet, be it Simple Primal or Primal Keto.
  • 24 x Yoga/Movement Classes (Primal Yoga, Reflect & Recharge Yoga, Hatha Yoga)
  • Daily Sunset Beach Shuttles
  • 2 x Guided Hikes
  • 2 x Cooking Classes (learn our tricks and bring them home with you)
  • Hacienda del Sol signature food to go on the day you leave to skip airport food

21 Night Retreat Prices

Accomodations Double Occupancy (Per Person) Single Occupancy (Per Person)
Standard Rates/21-Night Program
BRISA ECO BUNGALOW (No AC) $6,750/21-Night Program $8,250/21-Night Program
TIERRA BUNGALOW (AC) $7,485/21-Night Program $8,985/21-Night Program
PURA DELUX BUNGALOW (AC) $8,250/21-Night Program $9,885/21-Night Program
HOLIDAY SEASON December 20 - January 5
BRISA ECO BUNGALOW (No AC) $7,485/21-Night Program $9,750/21-Night Program
TIERRA BUNGALOW (AC) $8,250/21-Night Program $10,485/21-Night Program
PURA DELUX BUNGALOW (AC) $9,750/21-Night Program $11,250/21-Night Program
*All prices include 13% taxes. *Holiday prices may be reduced on days outside holiday dates.

Tierra (private bungalow, king bed, attached outdoor bathroom)
Pura Deluxe (private bungalow, king bed, AC, newly renovated, indoor bathroom with glass doors that open to the jungle)

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